Location: Mostly, in and around Istanbul

Photography that I shoot weekly, my routine. I like colours and impressions. I try to reflect my impressionist style in photography. For me, impressionism is more like a philosophy rather than a technique: it is the artist subjective experience, very much like phenomenology for philosophy. I have dark impressions as well as bright impressions.

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Lying in Grass - Çimenlikte Uzanmak

Location: Germany (2008) Duration: 18min

Director & Screenplay & Editing
Mehmet Can Yavuz

Maximilian Kutzer/Young Man
Sara-Lena Möllenkamp/Young Woman
Brigitte Sattlegger/Older Mother
Kristine Schalau/Younger Mother
Phillip Schalau/Boy
Philippa Stansbury/Woman in White Dress

Nominated Best Shot Film

Adana Altın Koza Film Festival

Ankara Film Festival

Akbank Short Film Festival

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