Sabancı University | Istanbul | Ongoing

Transfer from Koç University | Istanbul | 2018 

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering

Boğaziçi University | Istanbul | 2015

M.Sc. Physics

Işık University | Istanbul | 2010

Erasmus Exchange - Konstanz University | Germany | 2008

B.Sc. Electrics and Electronics Engineering & Physics (Double Major)

About Me

I am an academic researcher who uses machine learning techniques in Face Recognition, Face Biometrics, DeepFake Videos, Fake News, News Quality Assessment, Market Response to News besides I have a keen interest in genre of tragedy, drametrics, literature, linguistics, psychology and cyber-criminology.

Location: Sabancı University, Istanbul.

Awards, Grants and Scholarships

AwardsIşık University - Graduation 2nd Rank both on Physics and Engineering

Grants: Erasmus Exchange - Grant for 12 Months - 6000€

Scholarships: Sabancı University, Koç University and Işık University  - Tuition Waiver + Accommodation

Journal & Conference Roles

ReviewerJournal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education, Emerald Publishing; The 29th IEEE Conference on Signal Processing and Communications Applications

Academic Experience

Machine Learning Researcher - Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine & Sabancı University | Istanbul | Oct'20-April'21

Radiology Department & Computer Science and Engineering Department

Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology / The Development Agencies Project @ Cerrahpasa School of Medicine and Sabancı University - As a team of researchers, medical doctors and ML researchers, our aim is to detect Covid19 patients from CT scans by using Deep Neural Networks in a fast and reliable manner.

Machine Learning Researcher [Project Financed] Sabancı University | Istanbul | June'20-Ongoing

Computer Science and Engineering Department

TUBITAK Research Project @ Computer Science and Engineering Department. The project is mainly on soft biometrics, multi-label attributes of face. My research is to find new face attributes on an image set. This means zero-shot, one-shot or few shot learning. Metric Learning is in focus.​

Research Assistant [Stuff] Kadir Has University | Istanbul | Sep'18-Sep'19

Management Information Systems Department

Staff @ Management Information Systems Department - We mostly focus on news trends, topics and quality as a research in Management Information Systems (MIS) subdivision at Management Department.

Data Analyst [Project Financed] Koç University | Istanbul | Oct'16-Apr'18

Economic History Department

European Research Council (ERC) Project @ History Department - The project is mainly on economic history of Turkey and Balkans from 1850 to 2000 in digital humanities form. I am responsible from developing machine learning algorithms for OCR techniques and application of statistical learning tools.

Research Assistant [Project Financed] Boğaziçi University | Istanbul | June'12-June'13

Physics Department

Scientific Research Project (BAP) @ Physics Department - We mostly focused on machine learning algorithms to analyze literary texts, for instance whether we can catch antagonism by just looking at the word statistics of Shakespearean tragedies.